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Role and Responsibility

The role and responsibilities of the Social Welfare Department are destined to witness a phenomenal expansion in the coming years due to the heightened social awareness of the problems faced by the Children, Women and physically challenged persons, recognition of their genuine needs at both national and international levels and commitment of both the Central and State Governments to ensure inclusive growth .


This Department has the mandate to ensure proper care of the uncared, protection of the most vulnerable sections of the society and creation of an environment which is conducive to the all round development of the Children, Women and Physically Challenged persons both by taking the caring and protective hands of the Government to them and by giving intensified fillip to the non- government initiatives aimed at reaching out to them.

Description and Organisational Structure

  1. Administrative Department:- Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam.

    The Secretary, Social Welfare Department, Assam is the Administrative Head at the State Level and its primary function is to exercise powers and control in carrying out the policy decision of Govt. and oversee the implementation of all schemes and programs of Social Welfare Department and exercise administrative control on all officers and staff of the Department.

  2. Directorate:- Directorate of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam.

    1. Director Social Welfare, Assam function as the head of Department and exercise administrative control over all District and Subordinate offices and he/she also is responsible for implementation of all scheme. Supervision, monitoring etc, and reporting the same to the Social Welfare Department on regular basis.
    2. The function of the Joint Director's, Deputy Director's, Programme Officer's, Special Officer Nutrition etc. is to assist the Director Social Welfare, Assam, in implementation of schemes and programmes assigned to them.

  3. Other Sub-Ordinate Offices :-

    1. The Programme Officers in the Division have jurisdiction our 2-5 districts and the Divisional Programme Officers are overall responsible for overseeing progress of implementation of all the schemes in their jurisdiction, specially the ICDS scheme.
    2. The District Social Welfare Officers function as District Head and excises control over scheme implementation in the districts.
    3. The Superintendent of State Homes and Juvenile Justice Act. Institutions are primarily responsible for management of institutions meant for custodial care of destitute children, orphans, destitute women etc.
    4. At Block Level the Child Development Project Officer of the ICDS Projects are responsible for supervision and management and implementation of ICDS Schemes. (Organizational Set-up of the Social Welfare Department and diagrammatic flow of administrative control may be seen in the chart attached herewith as Annexure-B)

Organisational Chart


  1. Total number of Projects sanctioned
  2. Total number of Projects operational
  3. Classification of Project
  4.   (a) Rural

      (b) Urban

      (c) Tribal

  5. No or AWCs sanctioned
  6. No or AWCs operational
  7. No or AWTCs functional
  8. No or MLTC functional