1 ICDS Introduction


Supplementary nutrition programme is not only aimed at providing food security to the children up to six years of age, adolescent girls (11-18years ), pregnant women and lactaing mother, but envisages the supplementary food as on entry point for better household caring and feeding behaviour, reinforcement of sound and cost effective traditional food security practices and micro nutrient interventions. In appreciation of the stark reality that under nutrition in India has been associated with about half of all child deaths and problems like underweight among children, higher level of protein - energy deficiency (higher then Sub- Saharan Africa ), Vitamin A and iodine deficiency and other micronutrient deficiencies persist despite rapid economic growth of the country. Both central and state Government have decided to enhance then scale scope and coverage of this programme to ensure that each and every child of the age group of six month to six years, and each of the adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mother irrespective of their family income level come within its ambit. Along with universalising the outreach, the emphasis is on

  1. fostering community ownership of the programme
  2. creating a congenial climate for decentralised and evidence based planning and decision-making
  3. sharper focus on other determinants of under nutrition and nutritional counseling on correct breast feeding, complementary feeding practices and home based care and
  4. strengthening the monitoring mechanism.

Hon'ble Supreme Court issued the following directions interalia in relation to the implementation of SNP in its order in WP(C) No. 196/2001.

"3. The contractors shall not be used for supply of nutrition in Anganwadi and preferably ICDS found shall be spent by making us of village communities Self Help Group and Mahila Mandals for buying of grains and preparation of meals.''

"6. As for as possible the children under PMGY shall be provided with good food at the center itself."

"8. BPL shall not be used as an eligible criteria for ICDS."

"9. All sanctioned projects shall be operationalised and provided food as per these norms and whenever utensils have not been provided, the same shall provided"

To ensure effective implementation of the programme, Govt. of Assam has enhanced the budgetary allocation for the state share for the year 2007-08 to Rs. 70 crores and thus and amount of Rs 140 crores only is available for this programme to be implemented in 32087 AWCs under 219 ICDS project throughout the State.