14 Present intervention

  1. The AG Scheme in its present form is being implemented through Anganwadi Centres in both rural and urban settings. Under the Scheme, the adolescent girls who are unmarried and belong to familes below the poverty line and school drop-outs are selected and attached to he local Anganwadi Centres for six-monthly stints of learning and training activities. The objective of the Scheme is to increase self-confidence, boost moral and give dignity. The adolescent girls scheme has been designed to include 2 sub-schemes viz. Scheme- I (Girl to Girl Approach) and Scheme-II (Balika Mandal). The Scheme-I has been designed for adolescent girls in the age group of 11-15 years belonging to families whose income level is below Rs. 6400/- per annum. The Scheme-II is intended to reach to all adolescent girls in the age group of 11-18 years irrespective of income levels of the family. It may, however, be mentioned that even under Scheme-II, younger girls in the age group of 11-15 years and belonging to poor families got a definite preference in the identification process. The AG Scheme has been sanctioned in 507 ICDS blocks throughout the country.

  2. Apart from that, AG Scheme with some modification and content enrichment was also experimented in other areas. Under the SIDA supported ICDS programme in 47 blocks of Tamil Nadu, modified AG Scheme was successfully implemented. Again in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradsesh, State specific intervention for Adolescent Girls have been implemented. In World Bank assisted ICDS projects, the AG Scheme with additional inputs like deworming and IFA supplementation etc are also being implemented.