6 Year 2006-07 first year of Decentralisation under SNP

With the view of giving effect to the Hon'ble Supreme Court's order and the Government thrust on optimising community participation for the implementation of the programme during 2006-07; following initiatives were taken:

  1. AWCMCs constitute for all existing AWCs
  2. District level committees for SNP with DC as Chairperson and DSWO as Member Secretary constituted
  3. District level committees given the responsibility of fixing the prices of the approved food items
  4. Self Help Groups and NGOs given the responsibility of procuring and supplying food items to the AWCs
  5. AWCMCs involvement made mandatory in the distribution of food items
  6. Fund transferred to the Bank Account of the District Level Selection Committee for payment to the Self Help Groups and NGOs

This was a modest beginning but worked wonders and despite so many things to be done within a short time, made the whole process of implementation transparent with negligible complaints of corruption or mismanagement.