7 Stretegy for the year 2007-08

Widening the scope and extent of decentralisation of the decision making process and optimising the community participation in the implementation of the programme are the bedrock of the strategy for the year 2007-08.

Following are the main features of the strategy:

  1. Cooked meal shall be provided to the beneficiaries
  2. Responsibility of procuring the food items and cooking shall be of the AWCMC
  3. Food items, fuels etc. shall be procured by the AWCMC locally at the most reasonable prices
  4. Fund for this purpose shall be transferred by the CDPO to the Bank Account of the AWCMC after receiving requisition from AWCMC which shall be operated jointly by the Chairperson President and Secretary of the AWCMC
  5. Director, Social Welfare shall first transfer the fund to the Bank Account of the District Level Committee for SNP which shall, after due verification, transfer the same to the CDPO's Account (of the AWCMCs) to be operated jointly by CDPO and Senior Supervisor.
  6. It shall be mandatory for the AWCMCs to follow the schematic norms and nutritional standards incorporated in these guidelines
  7. A suggestive list of recipes shall be given to the AWCMCs for children of the age group of 6 months to 3 years and 3-6 years. However, the AWCMC shall have the liberty to choose any one or more from the suggestive list and decide the order of dietary diversification keeping in mind the beneficiaries preferences and availability of food items
  8. Cooking should be done as far as possible at the AWC itself. In case of difficulty in doing so, it shall be done at a place decided by the AWCMC giving utmost importance to the convenience of the beneficiaries
  9. While finalising the schedule and timing of cooking, it shall be kept in mind that it does not affect the pre-school education activities. AWCMC may decide to cook and serve the food during noon time or in the evening as preferred by the beneficiaries
  10. Responsibility of cooking the meal shall mainly be the Helper, but it may not be possible for her alone to do the cooking for more than 100 beneficiaries. AWCMC in consultation with the Mothers Group and the Group of Adolescent Girls formed under Kishori Shakti Yojana shall mobilise the local women to assist the Helper in a manner that 4-5 women voluntarily come forward for providing such assistance every day
  11. Availability of adequate number of cooking utensils or those of appropriate size may also be a problem in some of the AWCs in view of increase in the number of beneficiaries. The Department will try to supply the cooking utensils in due course, but in the mean while AWCMC shall solve this problem locally through community participation.
  12. Secretary of the AWCMC shall have to maintain all the records and vouchers and submit reports in the manner prescribed in these guidelines and as per the Govt. instructions issued from time to time in this regard
  13. Bank Account of the AWCMC shall be operated jointly by the Chairperson President and the Secretary of the AWCMC and every drawl from this account shall necessarily be preceded by a resolution adopted by the AWCMC allowing such drawl
  14. Secretary of the AWCMC shall be responsible for furnishing the records of food items procured, expenditure made and beneficiaries covered in the monthly meeting of the AWCMC and the monthly progress report to be submitted by her shall be countersigned by the Chairperson President and support with a copy of minutes of the monthly meeting of the AWCMC
  15. CDPO shall make arrangement for the periodic verification of the quality of food items and cooked meal in coordination with the Health Deptt. Officials.