8 Mode of Procurement of Food items, fuel etc

  1. Immediately on receipt of the guidelines and transfer of fund to the AWCMC account, the Secretary of the AWCMC should convene a meeting of the AWCMC and place the following information in the meeting:

    Fund received from CDPO.
    Schematic norms
    Recipes suggested
    Food items to be procured
    List of beneficiaries

  2. AWCMC should decide the recipes, work out the total and monthly requirement of food items and the sources from where to procure those items
  3. In view of the problem of storage, unless it is cost effective to do so, the food items necessary for one month only should be procured at a time
  4. The list of recipes to be provided to the target groups during the month and quality of the food items procured shall be displayed at the notice board of the AWC for renewal information
  5. The Secretary of the AWCMC shall be responsible for safe upkeep of all the vouchers and records relating to the food items of fuel. She shall also maintain a register in which entries relating to all the procurements be made in the prescribed Performa
  6. The register along with the vouchers shall be placed in the subsequent meeting of the AWCMC for its information and views
  7. This register shall be available at AWC itself, so that any higher official visiting the AWC can have a look at it.