Noteworthy directions of Writ Petition (Civil) No 196/2001

Action taken on Hon'ble Supreme Court's of India order passed on Writ Petition (Civil) No. 196/2001, People's Union for Civil Liberties Vs Union of India and Others, issued a number of directions for compliance by States and Union Territories. Amongst the directions so issued the noteworthy are : Hon'ble Supreme Courts order regarding : -

1 Coverage of SC/ST hamlets/ habitations : - Coverage of SC/ST hamlets in Assam is shown in the chart III. (click here).
2 Regarding use of Village Committees, Self Help Groups and Mahila Mandals for supply of nutrition in ICDS : In Assam use of contractors for supply of Nutrition in Anganwadis has been discontinued since 2006-07 and the responsibility of procurement and supply of SNP has been vested with Anganwadi Centres Management Committee constituted in all Anganwadi Centres in General areas. Instructions in the line have been issued to all the Autonomous Council authorities to abide by the order of Hon'ble Supreme Court in implementation of SNP in the projects under the control of the Autonomous Councils.
3 Regarding putting ICDS on web site :- Assam ICDS is in the web. Web site is Location of Anganwadis and particulars of AWW and AWHs shown in chart IV (click here).
4 As regard using PMGY fund :- Use of PMGY fund has been withdrawn by Govt. of India, instead SNP is funded on equity basis by Govt. of India and the State Govt.
5 As regard providing good food at the centre itself :- In Assam locally available food viz. rice and dal are being cooked and used in the centre itself.
6 As regard allocation of fund for ICDS norms followed are as prescribed by Govt. of India i.e. Rupees 2.00/- per child per day, Rupees 2.70/- per severely malnourished child per day and Rupees 2.30/- per pregnant women/ lactating mothers/adolescent girls.
7 Regarding use of BPL as criteria : - As directed, BPL is not used as criteria in ICDS project of Assam.

Notification: NO. SWD. 410/2006/20


NO. SWD. 410/2006/20 Dated, Dispur, the 26th Feb/08

From :
Shri H.K. Sarma IAS
Secretary to the Govt. of Assam,
Social Welfare Deptt.

Social welfare, Assam, Uzanbazar,
Guwahati 1

Sub: Guidelines on SNP, 2007-08 , Modification & addition there of (English Version )

Ref: NO SWD. 293/2005/ 87-88, Dt 28/6/07.


Successful implementation of the scheme / programme depends integrated and synchronized functioning of all functionaries involved in it and more so, in case of ICDS that vouch for an integrated approach by a number of department to achieve the common goal.

Keeping in view the importance of a concerted effort a few modifications and additions to the approved guidelines on SNP. mentioned above, have been accorded and produced below that will remain in force with immediate effect until further order.

Modification accorded at: Sl. No Sub Sl. No Read as In place of Remarks 7. IV, XIII, XIV President Chairman - 10. I, II, III -do- -do- Column No 13, 9 and 10. 11. I, II, III -do- -do- At bottom

Modification at sub serial No IV and V of serial No.7 have been accorded and a new sub serial V (a) has been added after sub-serial V.

IV. Fund for this purpose shall be transferred as per sub-serial V(a) to the Bank account of the AWCMC which shall be operated jointly by the president and secretary of the AWCMC.

Director, Social Welfare shall first transfer the fund to the bank account of District Level Committee for SNP which shall after due verification transfer fund, initially for a period of 100(one hundred) days to the Bank account of CDPOs which shall be operated jointly by the CDPO and the senior most supervisor of the project. After receipt of utilization certificate from CDPO for the fund already transferred, District Level Committee for SNP shall release fund to the CDPOs account there after.

v(a) Fund shall be transferred from CDPOs Bank Account to the Bank Account
V (a) Fund shall be transferred from CDpos Bank Account to the Bank Account of the AWCMC initially for a period of 75 (seventy five)days.The second transfer of found from Cdpos Bank Account to the Bank Account AWCMC shall be made after 50(fifty) days. Subject to receipt of monthly report as per format specified at serial No-11,Sub Serial I, from the Secretary of the AWCMC . After receipt of utilisation certificate and reports, the concerned CDpos shall reimburse expenses to the AWCMCs with 15 days

Sub-Serial III Of the Serial No- 8 has been accorded modification

(III) In view of the problem storage unless it is cost effective to do so, the food item necessary for the maximum of Fifteen days only should be procured be procured at a time.

After Sub Serial No- (X) of serial No-12 (D) addition of new Sub- Serial (XI) and (XII) have been accorded.

XI To transfer of found to the Bank Account of AWCMCs with in 10 (Ten ) days after receipt of fund from District Level committee for SNP.
XII To ensure timely sub mission of reconciliation statement of the joint Account certified by the Bank authority and keep records of transactions upto date to facilitate audit by the Accountant general audit Assam.

The inclusion of new serial V (a) at Serial No-7 above on Bank Account of CDPOs a notification allowing the CDPO and the Senior most Supervisor of the ICDS project to open a Joint Bank Account is communicated vide notification No-SWD. 410/2006/21dtd. 26/02/08

Yours faithfully,
Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Social Welfare Deptt.

Memo No-SWD.410/2006/20-A dtd, Dispur, the 26th Feb 2008

Copy to:-

  1. All the Deputy Commissioner and the Chairman for District Level Committee for SWD and Information and necessary action.
  2. The Principal Secretary Autonomous council, N,C hills, Kabianglong, DTC, RHAC, MAC and TAC for information & necessary action.
  3. All programme Officers Divisional ICDS cell for information.
  4. All District Social Welfare Officer and member secretary, District Level committee for SNP for information.
  5. All C.D.P.os for information on necessary action.
  6. Concerned file

By order etc,


Notification: NO. SWD. 410/2006/21


Dated, Dispur, the 26th Feb/08

NO. SWD. 410/2006/21:- Ensuring effective management and enhancing active participation in implementation of Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) under the scheme Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) the Governor of Assam is pleased to grant approval for the opening of Bank Account for each of the ICDS Projects subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Bank Accounts should be of current Account.
  2. The Accounts must be opened in any Nationalised Bank Scheduled Bank.
  3. The Account should be operated by the CDPO and senior most supervisor of the ICDS Project jointly.
  4. The Bank Account opened shall entirely be for keeping found under Supplementary Nutrition Programme and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  5. Account Book should be maintained to facilitate audit by the A . G ( audit) Assam .
  6. Reconciliation statement for the Bank Account certified by the Bank authority as on 31st of March each year should be submitted to the Director , Social welfare.
  7. Operator of the Bank Account shall be duty bound to follow the instrations of the state Govt. regarding operation of the Bank Account and maintenance of records of transactions there from issued from time to time.

The corrigendum issued vide No. SWD. 410/2006/17, dt 9.1.2008 is hereby withdrawn restoring point No. 3 of this Deptt. notification No. SWD . 410/2006/16, dt . 27.6.2007, with immediate effect.

(H.K Sarma,)
Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Social Welfare Deptt.

Memo No. SWD 410/2006/21A Dtd, Dispur the 26th Feb /08

Copy to:-

  1. The Account General ( Audit ) Assam Beltola Ghy 29.
  2. P.S to the Minister, Social welfare, Assam, Dispur .
  3. P.S to the Chief Secretary , Assam , Dispur.
  4. P.S to the Secretary, Social welfare Deptt . Dispur Assam.
  5. Principal Sec Secretary , Autonomous council , N.C Hills, Haflong / Karbi Anglong , Diphu/ BTAD, Kokrajhar / RHAC, Goalpara/ MAC Gogamukh, Shemaji/TAC, Morigaon for information and necessary action
  6. Finance (Budget) Deptt.
  7. Deputy commissioner (All) for information.
  8. Director, Social Welfare,Assam,Ghy-1 information and necessary action.
  9. All programme officer for information
  10. All child Dev. Project officer for information.
  11. All treasury officer concerned.

By order etc,
Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Social Welfare Deptt