Implementation of Juvenile Justice Act

The J. J. Act, 2000

The J. J. Act, 2000 is implemented, along with rest of the country, with the objective of prevention, control and reformation of children coming in conflict with law and to take custodial care for protection of children who are neglected. As per provision of the Act, Juvenile Justice Boards have been set up at Silchar, Guwahati and Jorhat to tackle cases of children coming in conflict with law and Child Welfare Committees in 13 districts to take care of neglected children's. Physical facilities such as Observation Homes for both boys and girls and special school have since been set up and functioning. However, for effective implementation of the scheme the present infrastructural facilities have been found to be inadequate. Action plan has been grown up to set up Juvenile Police Unit, Observation Home in each districts, Juvenile Justice Board and CWCs in uncovered districts.


Under Juvenile Justice (Care and protection) Act, 2000 it is proposed to set up Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board in all the district headquarters and so also to set up Observation Home in all districts. Apart from this the existing Observation Homes is proposed to be upgraded. The Children Home, which have been set up prior to introduction of J. J. (Care and protection) Act, 200 will also be brought under the fold of J. J. Act.

Implementation Mechanism

Act and Legislations are implemented as per rules framed under the Acts. In case of Probation of Offenders Acts, 1958 and J. J. (Care and Protection) Act, 2000. The Director, Social Welfare is the Chief Probation Officer. Both these Acts are implemented through combined effort of Social Welfare Department, Judiciary and Home (Police) Department. Director Social Welfare control and supervise implementation of the Acts through Probation Officers in the District and Probation Officers carries out responsibilities under the orders of Judicial Courts.