The Sawayamsidha is an integrated Scheme for Women's empowerment, formally launched on 29th November, 2001, replacing the erstwhile India Mahila Yojana and subsuming the Mahila Sambridhi Yojana. The programme is based on the formation of women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and enable the SHGs take up schemes and programmes social and economic empowerment of women.

The long term objective of the programme is to bring about all round empowerment of women by ensuring their direct access to and control over, resources through a sustained process of mobilization and convergence of all the on going sectoral programmes of Govt. and other agencies.

In Assam Sawayamsidha Scheme is under implementation in 24 Nos. ICDS projects/blocks 5400 SHGs have since been constituted covering 1,08,000 women. During 2008-09, 60,000 nos. of women were benefited through 2400 nos of SHG`s under the scheme Swayamsidha.

  1. Welfare of parent and Senior Citizen Act, 2005: It is a new scheme is to be introuduced by the department and the Act for same passed in the year 2005.
  2. Balika Samridhi youjona: It is as on going scheme proposal for sanction of fund for this year 2008-09 has already been submitted to the Government.
  3. Balika Samridhi Achoni : This is a new scheme introduced in the year 2008-09. Core committee for the same have already been formed vide Govt. notification No.SWD 154/2008/15,dtd.5-7-2008.