Welfare Homes

State Home for Rescued Women and female convicts:
The Home was established during, 1957-58 in order to provide shelter, training for ultimate rehabilitation of women and girls rescued from moral danger.

There is a training cum Production Centre attached to the State Home, Jalukbari. Where the inmates are trained in Crafts like Cutting and Tailoring, Knitting and embroidery, doll and toll making, fancy bag making and weaving. Inmates are rehabilitated by reunion with their family, all through employment in the Deptt. and also by way of marriage.

Home for Destitute Women and Helpless widow, Jalukbari:
This Home is situated in the State Home complex, at Jalukbari.

The Destitute Women and Helpless widows of the age group 18-45 years are given shelter in this Home. The inmates are offered training facilities in gainful trades in the Training -Cum -Production Centre attached to the State Home for Women. The Home was set up in 1964-65.

State Home for Women, Nagaon:
The destitute Women and helpless widows of the age group 18-45 years are maintained and trained in useful craft for their ultimately rehabilitation in the society. Minor Children of age group 0-6 years of the inmates are also taken care of . The Home was established in the year , 1958-59. There is a training cum production center attached to the Home where training is being imparted to the inmates in the crafts viz cutting and tailoring doll and toy making and weaving. There is one L.P. School inside the Home .

Home for Orphan and Destitute Children , Nagaon:
There is another Home for orphans and Destitute Children in the State Home Complex at Nagaon .The Home was setup in 1969 to maintain and educate orphan and destitute children from their future rehabilitation in the society.

Vagrant Home, Fatasil Guwahati:
Vagrant Home was established in the year 1963 as per requirement under the Assam Prevention of Begging Act. 1964 .The inmates consist of adult males and male children. The Vagrants and Beggars sheltered in the home are given basic facilities of life, including educational training and there by prepare them for rehabilitation in the society.

Permanent Liability Home (P.L. Home) Bamunigaon, Boko:
A refugee camp was set up by the R.R. Department in 1964 at Bamunigaon in Kamrup district. Later on the Home was named as Permanent Liability Home and handed over to the Social Welfare Department. The refugees entered India through the States bordering due to Social disorder and distance occurred in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The persons who are old aged, widows, patients of terminable diseases, orphans and children were given shelter in the came at Bamunigaon i.e. the P.L. Home . The P.L.Home was started in the year 1973. The inmates are given cash doll varying from Rs.40/-to Rs. 132/- p.m. per family. As present all old and aged inmates are given National Old Age Pension @ Rs. 75/- per month Besides facilities like water supply and sanitation are available for the inmates.

Home for Destitute Women and Helpless Widows, Bamunigaon:
The Home was originally started at Jorhat in 1976 and subsequently shifted to Boko, Bamunigaon on August 1986 . The purpose of the Home is to maintain the aged destitute and Helpless person. Destitute women and helpless person of the age group of 45 years and above for female 50 years and above for male are admitted in the Home where they are provided with basics facilities of life.

Central Destitute Home, Meherpur, Silchar:
The central Destitute Home was set up in 1958 at Meherpur, Silchar. The inmates of the Home are displaced persons, mostly women with their minor children, from erstwhile is Pakistan (now Bongladesh). The purpose of the Home is to provide shelter, food and clothing, education and medical facilities etc. to the inmates pending their rehabilitation.

Home for Destitute Women and Helpless Widows, Dighaltari, Dhubri:
The purpose of the Home is to maintain the destitute women and helpless widows. Destitute women are given food. shelter and training to craft viz. cutting tailoring and embroidery in the Home.

Home for Destitute and Vagrant Children, North Lakhimpur:
The Destitute and Vagrant Children are maintained in this home. The inmates are given training in the craft of carpentry in the craft center established inside the Home.

Intake capacity and present inmates position of the Homes are given on right column:

Sl No. Name of Homes Intake Capacity Present Inmates
1 State Home for Women, Jalukbari. 100 24
2 Home for Destitute Women, Jalukbari. 50 11
3 Home for Destitute Women and Helpless person Bamunigaon. 50 15
4 Vagrant Home, Fatasil-Ambari, Guwahati. 50 47
5 P. L. Home Bamunigaon. 200 208
6 State Home for Women ,Nagaon. 100 53
7 Home for Destitute and Orphan Children, Nagaon. 100 65
8 Central Destitute Home, Silchar. 200 190
9 Home for Destitute Women, Dighaltari. 50 17
10 Home for Destitute Children, Lakhimpur. 50 9